Greek villas

Eastabrook Architects have been working on the Greek island of Paxos (just south of Corfu in the Ionian sea) for the last 5 years. Over that time Andrew Eastabrook has designed and overseen the construction of a substantial private villa in the middle of the island and is now approaching the end of the construction phase for another 2 villas for sale on the western side of the island.

Happily we have found a local contractor, Babis Vlachopoulous who builds accurately and with considerable attention to detail. The results are as good as any construction to be found in the UK. Interestingly Babis and his team build anything to do with wood, from framing and tiling the roof to the installation of the kitchen, from the manufacturing of the stairs to the construction of bespoke beds and cabinet work.

The resulting buildings have a superior specification to that generally used on the island with a tightness of design which combines UK and Greek styles of living. To this end there is twice the amount of insulation as required under Greek rules with integrated "eco" features to reduce running costs. The drainage has 100mm diameter pipes throughout to a dedicated septic tank so allowing UK operation whilst the rainwater drains from the roof into the sterna (storage tank) built into the basement for use in the house, the pool and the garden. All the windows and doors have double-glazing with heat reflective glass.

Orientation is particularly important in Greece and so the villas have been built to minimize direct solar isolation and have used the existing features of the site to further moderate the climate. Maximum opportunity has been taken to introduce free air movement through the buildings during the summer - in the winter however tight seals and an olive wood-burning stove are essential.

We are actively looking for UK Clients who are seeking land and wishing to build on Paxos. We have a superb construction team, with an experienced Engineer on the island and a construction lawyer on Corfu. We can offer "1 stop" procurement with the comfort of a fully professional service. Please contact Andrew Eastabrook to discuss your aspirations for a totally objective assessment.